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Palla­dium is a beau­tiful preci­ous metal that is almost iden­tical in appea­rance to pla­ti­num. It poli­shes up to a ref­lec­tive sur­face, and is very scratch resis­tant, being almost twice as strong as gold, even stron­ger than pla­ti­num. At the same time, it is lighter in weight. Unlike silver, palla­dium does not tar­nish, pre­ven­ting unsig­htly darke­ning of skin and lowe­ring main­tena­nce. While Gold and some other preci­ous metals can cause skin reac­tions in some people, palla­dium is hypo­all­erge­nic. The popu­lar­ity of palla­dium in jewelry has been increa­sing at a much faster pace than the jewelry indus­try as a whole, stron­gly sugges­ting there could be a sig­nifi­cant market opp­ortu­nity. Similar to Gold, which is often used in high end elec­tro­nics to improve the quality of current trans­fer through connec­tions. Palla­dium has its own elec­tric bene­fits and is often used in high end chip cap­aci­tors to store energy. It is also a metal that is very env­iron­ment­ally frien­dly. As a cata­lyst, it conv­erts pollu­ting hydro­car­bons, carbon mono­xide, and nitro­gen oxide into water, carbon dio­xide, and nitro­gen, which are safer.

The ending x, in Palla­diux, can take on several mea­nings:

  • UX = User Exp­eri­ence: – Frien­dly and logical flowing service with quick results and satis­fac­tion of use.
  • Lux = luxury: – The ending of the name para­llels the term lux, which is a stan­dard conv­en­tion used fre­quen­tly refe­rring to luxury prod­ucts.
  • X = superior design: – A fre­quen­tly used ada­pta­tion of names is to add x to imply the prod­ucts are uni­quely engi­nee­red for per­for­mance and thoro­ughly tested through exten­sive exp­eri­menta­tion (x).

The name Palla­diux, implies that the site is related to high quality palla­dium cont­ai­ning prod­ucts or inf­orma­tion about the use of palla­dium.

Given the nature of Palladiux.­com and lack of availa­bility of domains of this nature with the .com exten­sion, it could be extre­mely valu­able to help the right buyer build their online empire. Part­icu­larly because its per­for­mance is gua­ran­teed.

Qualify for a stan­dard dis­count? Contact us to send you a link with a dis­coun­ted price.

Price: $10,200

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The name Palla­diux, as a word­mark, is stu­nnin­gly beau­tiful and classy. It has an ideal length with three narrow letters (l-l-i) and no wider letters like w-m, making it appear shorter as well. The double ll adds an elegant feel (Emanuel is not as elegant as Emm­anu­elle). Pho­netic­ally, the name is rather short being a single word of only three syll­ables. It is also easy and pleas­ant to prono­unce, flowing well with no awkward sound tran­si­tions.

The feel of Palla­diux is one of quality and luxury, while clearly having an associ­ation with palla­dium. This feel could be very pow­erful when the name is used in conj­unc­tion with palla­dium related prod­ucts that are upscale in nature. email add­re­sses are also appea­ling in a size­able range from semi formal to very formal, while reta­ining prof­essi­ona­lism and great cre­dibi­lity:

The obvious applica­tions of Palla­diux are as a jewelry brand of gem in­crus­ted palla­dium pieces, or a store or chain of outlets that focus on palla­dium jewel­ry. Or a blog, news, or enter­tain­ment site that focuses on palla­dium uses, tech­nolo­gies, or sources. Or a brand of upscale elec­tro­nics prod­ucts. Or even a palla­dium based tech­no­logy that cata­lyzes ind­ust­rial emi­ssi­ons.

All together, Palladiux.­com is an extremely professional domain, that is very memorable, allu­ring, elegant, and confi­dent, and offers instant credibility in upscale palla­dium prod­ucts and techno­logies.

Other .com domains that have rece­ntly sold, sub­stan­tiate the ex­tra­ordi­nary value of Palladiux.­com at $10,200. For inst­ance, a domain of the same length like Trade­Zero.­com sold 9 months ago, for $540,000, Smart­Wal­let.­com sold a little over a year ago, for $175,000, Exchange­Rates.­com sold a little over a year ago, for $180,000, and iAgent.­com sold a little over 2 years ago, for $102,000.

Reasonable yearly sales exp­ecta­tions in some app­lica­tions of Palladiux.­com, could be in excess of $8 Million per year, and if the marke­ting power of the name could incre­ase that, even if it was only 10%, by crea­ting the marke­ting syner­gies that could attract the addi­tional poten­tial cust­omers, and assu­ming a gross margin of 40%, Palladiux.­com could be be pur­chased for $320 Thousand and pay for itself within one year. All other bene­fits of fun, pride, differ­entia­tion, supe­rior brand loya­lty, market pro­tec­tion, higher memo­rabi­lity, and cohe­sive­ness, in their aspects that did not dire­ctly relate to the growth in sales, would be enti­rely free.

We know that we could demand a higher price for Palladiux.­com and get it, especi­ally consi­de­ring the pre­limi­nary marke­ting and rese­arch that has gone into Palladiux.­com, and the fact that it comes bun­dled with marke­ting app­ropri­ate art­work. But our desire is also to help busi­nesses get off the ground with great names that add value to their overall marke­ting stra­tegy, not merely maxi­mize our poten­tial profit holding the names until we find the buyer whose cir­cum­stan­ces would jus­tify the high­est price possi­ble. How­ever, it is good to under­stand that from this pers­pective, our price of $10,200 is 97% off of the $320 Thousand it could be worth, and an incre­dible value.

Palladiux.­com is avai­lable right now with our 100% Per­for­mance is Gua­ran­tee. If you are decided to build your new empire, and you have done your due dili­gence, and you know that Palladiux.­com is right for you, then do not to hesi­tate. Wait­ing means lost pro­fits and opp­or­tuni­ties. Start buil­ding your online empire today.

Price: $10,200

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Bonuses included with Palladiux.­com

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  • Release of owner­ship to buyer.
  • Purchase Protection Warranty. If you do not receive the domain, you pay nothing.
  • Logo in .eps format (Sca­lable Vector).
  • Website logo icon set in a vari­ety of sizes in .png format.
  • Square and horizontal logo images (without slogan) in high reso­lution with .png format over clear, light, dark, and color back­grounds.
  • Business card template image.
  • List of the brand colors used in both RGB (dig­ital disp­lays) and CMYK (prin­ting).

There is only one Palladiux.­com. If you are int­eres­ted in having this unique, confi­dent, allu­ring, elegant, and highly memo­rable name to build your online empire, act now and secure it with this great, per­for­mance-gua­ran­teed offer, before it is taken by someone else.

Price: $10,200

The domain Bundle price for is $10,200, and is payable to EmpireURL via This is our compensation for releasing the ownership of the domain, and delivering the above mentioned bonuses.

Please refer to disclaimers below, terms and conditions and our privacy policy that govern the release and delivery of the bundle items.

When you purchase, it needs to be transferred to a registrar account in your name. Empire URL covers any expenses that may arise in the release side with our registrar, however, you are responsible for whatever fees your registrar of choice imposes on the transfer. Some registrars charge a fee to transfer in a domain, but usually registrars only charge a one year extension to the domain registration upon transferring a domain into a customer’s account. It is unfair to consider the registration fee as a transaction fee since it is due as a regular expense of owning a domain.

We offer 10% off to first response employees, professional educators, and senior citizens. First response who qualify for a discount are namely, military personnel, paramedics/EMTs, fire rescue, and law-enforcement. If you indeed qualify, we thank you for your service and hereby pay our respects to your contributions. Hopefully we give a little back with your success with Palladiux.­com.

Any purchase of 3 or more similarly priced domains can be evaluated for an additional discount, within reason. 10 or more similarly priced domains will result in approximately an additional 10% off.

We increase the price of domains based on a number of factors, including market shifts that may produce opportunities, partnerships that may increase our expenses, and the devaluation of the US dollar. If you were intending to purchase a domain and we recently increased the price before you were able to finalize the decision to buy, let us know to consider holding the price increase for you.

We know that we could get four or five times the bundle price for any of our domains, so we will not accept a low ball offer for Palladiux.­com. . We invest rather extensively into each domain and feel confident in the value that Palladiux.­com will bring the customer who takes it to market.

As a rule of thumb, our price is lower than what we feel the monthly marketing budget should be for a venture, so theoretically Palladiux.­com will be spending no less than $10,200 every month in its advertising campaigns. With that in mind, over the first 5 years, the price of the name is less than 1.7% of the marketing budget, which is nothing in comparison to the benefits it could bring. The reason our pricing is so far below what we feel is attainable, is because our mission is to help new business ventures succeed in today's challenging market conditions. Discounts will not be considered unless there is a reasonable and fair cause to take the time to consider a discount.

Assessing return on investment is the responsibility of the entrepreneur / investor. If you agree that the return for the price of Palladiux.­com will be great, then there is no valid price objection.

Making financial arrangements to cover business expenses and cashflows is another important job of every entrepreneur. If any of our domains is truly unaffordable to any entity, then the chances that entity will be successful using the domain are minimal, simply because the entity lacks the financial resources to be successful. They will not be able to afford employees, essential services, inventories, R&D, startup costs, overhead up to the breakeven point, or any of the myriad of unexpected expenses that are sure to arise in the course of business. There is no valid affordability objection.

Our selection process involves research on the name and it’s meaning in western cultures, assessing all the qualities we list as important in name selection, including distinctiveness, relevance, phonetic appeal, length, memorability, and the emotions the name evokes, among other parameters. We rate our findings and select only the best. Palladiux passed our criteria with flying colors.

Traditionally, naming a new business venture involved a group of people brainstorming and coming up with possibilities, then discussing the options, and clarifying preferences, then checking the availability of those names’ domains. With domain names being as scarce as they are today, it is likely the name is not available, and if the domain is not available, then it is back to brainstorming. This iterative process can ultimately end in a name that is not very good because there tends to be lower quality in each iteration. And perhaps equally importantly, it is very time consuming, and expensive. Checking Empire URL’s name recommendations is a great shortcut, since there is additional marketing insight filtered into those names already. Also, checking through the names allows you to get a first impression of the feel of the name when seeing it for the first time. It is very valuable insight, and is practically impossible to get when brainstorming, because you have been playing with words for so long that the names feel like a collection of prioritized possibilities, rather than a business. The result is less time to market and a superior name.

Marketing design allows us to better understand how the name will feel in use, and you get to keep the copyrights with your purchase. We developed the logo of Palladiux.­com to be appealing, brandable, trademarkable, and flexible for different marketing needs, including being rendered in black and white, and being scaled down to a 16px X 16px favicon among many others. Having the preliminary marketing also means that you are not starting from scratch developing your site. With a few adjustments, the site design can be ready to launch, saving time and money and creating a very appealing end result. Having professional marketing support from the initial design stage means less problems later on when designs often reveal issues that make them unsuited for some marketing needs.

We feel that our domains deliver superior value to those of competitors simply because of our marketing research, extensive prescreening, rigorous selection process, and experience behind them. In addition to that, Palladiux.­com is offered with even greater value with bonuses like being bundled with logo artwork, support images and color palette recommendations. The detailed bonuses included with Palladiux.­com are listed in the "Bonuses included with Palladiux.­com" section above.

Many online suppliers are guarded, playing in what seems to be an adversarial role with their cards close to their chest. Their online offerings often hide their price, and other information from their customers. Granted, their domains are probably very valuable indeed, and sticker shock can prevent people from contacting the seller, and each entrepreneur has the right to do business as they wish. But at Empire URL we are 100% transparent. Our offering is very straightforward. We research and screen hundreds of thousands of names and source those with the most potential, we then develop marketing designs to enhance the power of the name, and provide the package to our customers with the intent that our efforts will serve them in building the online empire they dream of. Our efforts are in line with our customer's interests, and our transactions are intended to be a win / win.

In marketing we use statistical data to validate our interpretation of market opportunities. And of course there is great value in it, particularly in the feedback areas to better understand how people are engaging with our offering, where they are coming from, and what preferences are met and unmet. This process should be the core of the marketing evolution of a company. However, in areas where a market has not yet experienced a product (prior to launch), it can be very difficult to use statistics because there is no reliable data available. Even a focus group of target market customers, which is very advisable, can be tricky to manage and can give wildly incorrect data, even when well managed.

There is a phenomenon that challenges data. It is the opposite of Murphy's Law, and could be expressed as "If the business can be successful, it will be." And it relates to the drive of the entrepreneur. It is a severely underrated marketing influence. The passion to bring something new into the world, the strength of courage, facing competition, and uncertainty, while carrying the weight of responsiblity for employees and the effects of the business in the community. It is sheer will power, and it is fueled by belief. if you, as an entrepreneur, feel that Palladiux.­com is the right name for your business, and you know it down to the core of your bones, you just know…

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*BUNDLE Bundle item graphic alterations of color and/or size are included at no additional charge, but not major custom alterations.

*G The Performance Guarantee is limited to money actually received by EmpireURL for Palladiux.­com, and is offered only to support a legitimate effort to launch a business, while responsibly using Palladiux.­com in accordance with the terms of the Guarantee. Learn more.