About EmpireURL

What EmpireURL stands for, and how we came to be.

Our Mission

We help new business ventures succeed, by providing bundled names with marketing designs and insights, to help them stand out in a noisy and complicated world, with brandable qualities that synergize with their marketing strategy, work well with their products, emphasize the core of their brand promise, and captivate and inspire the human spirit within their target audiences, in order to develop a stronger brand, faster growth, and greater market presence, and ultimately, superior revenues.

Our Story

Greg Sanchez Profile image.

From early childhood, Greg Sanchez, our founder was involved in business. In the 5th grade, he purchased left over bags of popcorn from the school snack store and sold them in small amounts to his classmates after school. Countless times, he purchased bicycles, skateboards, and other fun items, refurbished, and sold or exchanged them. Most of the time they weren’t actually acquired with the intent to sell them. He found things he felt had great potential, and passionately and creatively made their potential evident, and others, seeing how well they looked and performed became interested in acquiring them. These artistic talents and the discerning eye for potential, took a life of their own when as a young man, and completed over a hundred freelance projects including designing, shirts, mugs, murals, signage, brochures, and designing logos.

In college, he graduated Magna Cum Laude, with a double major BSBA in Industrial Management and Marketing, tying the valedictorians in their concentration GPA, in both concentrations, while being Vice President of the American Marketing Association, helping promote and participating in many charitable events, and working freelance projects and in retail jobs with several prominent retailers. Leading into a career in marketing that has included approximately 50,000 engagements with customers in different capacities from consumers in retail, decision makers in B2B, manufacturing sales representation into a variety of distributions channels and a variety of stake holders in each channel, sales management overseeing representatives, working with them to develop their market strategies and MBOs, provided marketing strategy consultation for many large manufacturing companies, and dozens of startups, and is an entrepreneur directly involved in many startups.

A significant part of the entrepreneurial work included an online presence, with websites offering products in an affiliate capacity, and partners who provided the products and services, and local advertising, PPC campaigns, on site and off site SEO, and full stack website development. Interestingly, the core of marketing is emotional, however, these online marketing tools have traditionally relied more on intellect applied to the process of reaching customers (ranking in search engine results for specific keywords, or having ads served to the right demographics in social media). Interestingly enough, this technical marketing experience is actually very important in the world of domain names, because there is significant synergy of interaction between good names and the marketing performance with online technology and applications that are available today.

Many of the domains in EmpireURL were actually acquired due to market opportunities that became evident during the course of his career. For instance, while opening a spa, our founder was involved in sourcing the services of an architect and General Contractor, and the industry was unethical, convoluted, tricky to handle, and he realized that there was a need for a service that could simplify the procurement of GC services where there was a structure that protected the consumer. Open feedback on results and reputation, easy quotes with a standardized system that would prevent change orders, and a platform where GCs had to compete for the business of consumers. So the services would be simpler, the performance of a GC would be predictably good, and the price would be lower. All the headaches of building the spa could have been prevented. And with that in mind, a dozen or so of the domains in EmpireURL were acquired. Names like GCProdigy, GCASAP, GCGuru, etc. They are still a part of a business model that could be financially rewarding with the volumes of money that is trading hands in that industry, but there just is not enough time to do all things.

So after decades of collecting domain names that could be good for business applications, the collection was large enough to where it could never possibly be used, and it did not make sense to continue building it in anonymity. Many of these great names could help entrepreneurs to develop businesses that could make their dreams come true. It would be a win / win type of situation to grant them ownership of the names that best fit their needs. And that is how EmpireURL came to be.

Our products

Unlike other companies that sell domain names, EmpireURL is more concerned about a total marketing package, that includes not just a name, but a name that has qualities that could make it a great name, along with other resources like preliminary market research discussed from a perspective of opportunities that could be found with the name, and uniquely created logos that could enhance the memorability and distinction of the names for the marketing opportunities researched and shared. Each domain bundle is like a treasure chest of possibilities.

Our values

Knowledge – We believe in the importance of good information, understanding the processes and options that could be available, and what has and has not worked in the past.

Integrity – We strive to live up to our commitments and provide constructive ideas with honesty, transparency, and an ethical approach to business.

Helpfulness – We remind ourselves constantly, to focus on the things that will create the most significant positive impact for our customers and teammates.

Excellence – We do not seek perfection. We seek to outperform ourselves in our last attempts. To learn from our experiences and those of others, to find and explore new solutions, and live in a state of excitment about possibilities.


*G The Performance Guarantee is limited to money actually received by EmpireURL for a domain, and is offered only to support a legitimate effort to launch a business, while responsibly using the domain in accordance with the terms of the Guarantee. Learn more.